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Global Intern @ SIDART

Angegravele – France


I’m Angêle and I come from France. I’m a bachelor student at KEDGE Business school where I’m studying a lot of things (accounting, marketing, leadership, finance and law ), I decided to do a six weeks internship at SIDART NGO in Jaipur to have a work experience in a country very far from mine, with a very different work culture. I chose SIDART because it’s non-profit organization that offers the possibilities to work on several global projects, especially Women empowerment, which specifically interest me, in particular in a country like India, where there is a lot of gender gap, sexual harassment and violence against women.

I wish the internship will give me a good introduction into the work in a NGO in a country in development, like India. Because, even if I’m not destined to work in a NGO, I’m sure it could be a rewarding professional experience to work with Indian employees and others foreign volunteers.

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