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Global Intern @ SIDART

Anne – France

I’m Anne-Laure, a 23 year-old French student. I grew up in a little city in Brittany, in the west of France. I graduated in a Master of Marketing last year in the Institute of administration of Rennes, and I’m now having a year-off after my studies. I chose this way to have more experiences, as professional and personal. That’s why I spent 4 months in a university of Canada at the beginning of the year, and then decided to come to SIDART for an internship of 3 months. I wanted to apply my skills in management and marketing to causes that I really feel concerned about, and in a country that I have always been interested in. That’s why I chose a non-governmental organization, and SIDART in particular. This Indian NGO really deals with essential causes for India such as women empowerment, education and environment. By its missions, this people-oriented NGO permits to the trainees to take responsibilities and take part to concrete actions.

So if you want to have an enriching and unique experience, don’t hesitate to join its staff for an internship.

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