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Global Intern @ SIDART

Eva Bourgeois – France

My name is Eva. If you look for adventure, please, let me introduce my first day in the pink city of India, well-known under the name of Jaipur. Living in France, I am actually on my 1st year student of a 3 year-management program, then I decided to complete it in India. My French and Polynesian origins have got me accustomed to experience different cultures since my childhood. For this reason, I didn’t hesitate to do my internship in a totally different environment. Nevertheless, I would never believe that I could be as amazed as I am right now. I chose to go volunteer in India, in order to see by myself the real situation concerning both poverty and women: this are social issues that particularly affect me because, in my country, Polynesian women enjoy sexual freedom and tolerance. Thus, I found an NGO corresponding exactly to what I expect from a volunteer mission, SIDART, which works on women empowerment through seminars and visits in villages etc.

Surely I will not regret my choice, because India is not only about slums, food insecurity, and environment deterioration. My friend and I have the chance to stay with a very gentle local family, then I’m feeling like home with them: they carefully look after our needs at the point to give as much as they can. Western people can boast about their better living conditions, but it doesn’t make them more generous than Indian people. However, there are deep gender inequalities that make me anxious. I’m not going to change the Indian society’s vision today, but I will give what I have as the same way my homestay family do. For my part, empowerment of women and poor begin with self-confident: if we believe in them, then we strength their mind and they will be more able to resist exploitation from superiors, and change their life with new values. I expect my traineeship at SIDART to enrich my personal experience, then I’ll be able to break western prejudices and clichés about modern India

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