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Global Intern @ SIDART

Ina Boettcher – Germany

Hello! I’m Ina from Germany and I started my traineeship in SIDART at the end of February 2014. I worked in several projects and got acquainted to both field work and office work. I took part in school rallies under the SORA TABAR (Healthy Child) project, being implemented in 166 villages of Sanganer. The objective is to spread awareness about health issues such as malnutrition and the importance of sanitation and immunization in the rural areas. I also visited different villages and participated in seminars and trainings for the village women empowerment. To see how much progress the women volunteers made within just one seminar was great for me. In the office I wrote reports about the different activities as well as blog entries. Getting this insight into the back office activities of an NGO in India was really interesting for me.

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