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Global Intern @ SIDART

Lucie Nicole – France

I am Lucie NICOLE, from France, and I’m doing a Master’s degree of Asia-Pacific Cultures and International Affairs, at La Rochelle, France.
Professionaly, I have been highly interested in the NGO sector and their role in our global society today, but I am also personnaly commited to the social and feminist cause.
I have had few experiences as a student in East Asia before specifically in South Korea, and I thought it was important to make my degree more valuable with an experience in India, especially in SIDART.
Whille working at SIDART I am gettign the opprotunity to develop my skills and contribute to SIDART. I have made vilage and sum visits and they have been quite an eye openner for me. I ike to work with the team members and learn in the guidance and leadership Dr Pramila Sanjaya. I am grateful that I got opportunities to particiapte in high level meeting like with the Executive Director of UN GCNI, with the Country Head of WoW Factor and others. Indeed, although I have already caught sight of the variety of SIDART Projects, I am sure I will benefit from this experience by getting to understand children and women related issues in India, while making my knowledges on the Indian culture and society deeper.

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