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Global Intern @ SIDART

Maxime Sirera – France


I am Maxime, 19 years old, I live in France in a small town near Paris. I am currently studying, social sciences and in particular economics at the University of Cergy-Pontoise. I have chosen to come to India because I would discover new ways of thinking through a totally different culture.

Doing internship in India is the best way for me to learn about people and help them as far as possible. I have chosen to be intern for SIDART NGO because they offer very useful programs, like road safety education, protecting pregnant women in slums, strengthening and empowerment of girls and women at panchayat level.

Through this experience of intern in SIDART NGO I want to discover how important NGOs are for indian populations. Indeed I would work in huge international institutions with the purpose to fight poverty and encourage development and prosperity in developing-world countries. Thanks to this internship in SIDART I’ll be able to knows how NGO helps people on field and beside know how NGO operate when they are not in the field, will be very interesting.

I hope I will be useful for SIDART and I am sure that this experience like intern will be very rewarding for me.

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