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Global Intern @ SIDART

Patricia Webersberger – Germany

Hi Every one, I am Patricia Webersberger and I was an intern at SIDART in October and November 2007. I went to India after my Abitur and did several internships at different NGO’s in the North and South of the subcontinent. Working for SIDART at the grass root level was a totally new and interesting experience for me which one can’t describe without having seen it. At SIDART I helped developing logframes for civic education projects, I attended seminars in the villages,training in computer skills for girls in a slum, I was working on HIV prevention programs etc.This has left me enriched and exposed to to a new world of development. the kind hospitality and the supportive supervision of Dr Pramila is incredible I like traveling and getting to know different peoples and cultures a lot. Right after my internship in India I therefore also was in South America (Chile, Bolivia and Peru). I would strongly recommended to take up traineeship here at SIDART in INDIA.

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