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Global Intern @ SIDART

Rushil Sharma – India


My name is Rushil Sharma, I have recently joined SIDART as a volunteer trainee. I have completed my 12th standard, and having taken a gap year, I planned to do some volunteer work this year. I was interested in joining this ngo mainly because of the various different projects and programs that are offered. Apart from being a noble cause in itself ( which, in my case being teaching young slum students basic road safety procedures), the projects also allow me to gain hands on experience through field work.

The people here are content with each other, yet sense of professionism is maintained among collegues. Everyone here is both passionate and dedicated in the work they do. I have enjoyed working here on projects with my fellow sidart members. Working with sidart, I have come to realise the actual difficulties faced by many people living in slums and what remarkable work this ngo is doing for the society as a whole.

I’m glad I decided to work here as a volunteer, the practical experience and confidence boost I’ve gained has been amazing so far, I look forward to working with sidart in the future as well,


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