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Corporate Social Responsibility One Month Experiential Training Course

I’m the right candidate for CSR course!

The training course in Corporate Social Responsibility comes at an opportune time when the Indian corporate sector is gearing up to build capacity for it’s CSR initiatives in the light of the new Companies Act 2013 mandating 2% of company profits for CSR activities. An approximate of 16,000 companies will be undertaking several CSR projects in compliance with this directive. The Act also emphasizes the need for the following:

• Creation of CSR Division

• Appointment of Independent CSR Directors

• Creation of CSR committees to supervise CSR

• Mandatory reporting to the Government of India for the CSR activities undertaken and expenses made on annual basis

Globally there is shortage of professionally educated CSR professionals and this mandates a huge requirement for professionals who can lead and run CSR projects for these organizations and this course will lead the way in addressing this gap to meet the needs of the industry.

Who Should Attend

This course targets students form BBA, MBA MCA, CA , ICWA, CS courses, business managers, who drive mission related CSR projects in their organisations.

This programme also welcomes participants from NGOs, Government and not-for-profit registered companies.

Participants could also be young leaders who are entrusted with the responsibility of aligning the organisation’s CSR strategy and sustaining it.

With government making CSR mandatory for all companies, there is huge employment opportunity as one can add CSR as an additional feather in their cap and a new career. Check the program content:

Introduction to CSR (Why CSR? What is CSR? Old rules and new rules, clause 135, which companies are included, what the money can be spent on, benefits of a CSR program…)

Concept and definition (Global & Indian)

Reporting Guidelines (Global & Indian Perspectives GRI, OECD, UNGC, NVG etc.)

Evolution of CSR (Global & Indian Perspective)

Developing a CSR strategy (planning, CSR committee, CSR process, developing a CSR strategy and policy)

Annual report on CSR Activities (format, how to write a report, the transparency and practical learning)

Experiential learning and developing case studies


How to bring profit and brand building to your company with CSR activities?

How can you prove that you are the most befitting candidate to work for CSR in any company?

8. Certification. (The certificate will be jointly signed by SIDART and UN-GCNI)

What all should I know to be a successful in CSR!

Inscription: Send a e-mail u with the subject "Application for CSR course" to [email protected]

Course date: Starts at 5:00 pm on 11 June and concludes at 7:00 pm on 9 July. There is also the possibility of doing an on campus course in your institution/organization if there are 10-15 registrations in each interested institution.

Addresses: SIDART Head

Office :4-KHA-17, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur. 302004 INDIA

Tenure: 4 weeks

Investment: 15000 INR the fee covers the following: Admission fee (1000INR), Tuition fee (9000INR), Institutional overheads for practical training and other allied expenses (5000 INR).

* The course is free of charge for GCNI members.

For more information log in to: www.sidartngo.org, or email: [email protected]

Ph.91 141 2650894or09829215633.

E-mail: [email protected]

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