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Exposure visit to Christ university in Bengaluru

Venue: Christ university in Bangaluru

Participants: Members from Phagi and Sanganer blocks in Rajasthan, along with coordinators and speakers from SIDART and HSF

A learning and exposure visit was organised by SIDART to the Christ university in Bengaluru on the 1st of September. The objective was to inform the urban youth about the women empowerment programmes in rural India by scheduling an interaction between elected and to be elected members of the Phagi block. The delegation visited the university and participated in talks with the students and faculty members of Christ university.

A formal talk was scheduled by the university management . Members of the delegation took the floor and spoke about woman empowerment and the means through which a woman from the rural community could become financially independent. They quoted instances from their personal experiences and spoke about policies implemented in their areas, to help level the playing field for women. After the formal talk, many students and faculty members approached the delegation and an informal discussion was held to accommodate all the questions

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