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Exposure visit to Kerela Gram Panchayats

Venue: Kevaloor, Moorkkanad, Thazhekode and Markada Panchayats in Kerala

Participants: Members from Phagi and Sanganer blocks in Rajasthan, along with coordinators and speakers from SIDART and HSF

A learning and exposure visit was organised by SIDART to the gram panchayats of Kevaloor, Moorkkanad, Thazhekode and Markada between 29th and 31st August. The objective was to help the elected and to be elected members of the Phagi block observe and learn the innovative processes that were being implemented in other states. The delegation visited the Panchayat meetings and Aanganwadi foundations to interact with the policy makers and volunteers at each panchayat.

They noticed the innovative and nominal taxation policies implemented by the Panchayats, based on the Panchayat Raj Act and Amendment, to make each of them financially self sufficient. The Panchayats used these funds along with the government grants to better provide for the needs of their constituents. The money was used to provide potable water and run a hospital which provides free medical services for the constituency.

The delegation not only talked, but also helped at the Aanganwadi centre by splitting up in groups and lending a helping hand to the volunteers. The delegation also addressed the Panchayat members and villagers, and briefly shared with them, the innovations and works that had been implemented in their wards and blocks.

The trip succeeded in empowering the delegation with new ideas for the betterment of their wards and blocks. They avowed to share these innovations with their villages folks and bring it up in the next Panchayat meeting, so that work on its implementation can be added to the road maps

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