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Exposure Visits 2015 – Educational trainings for strengthening of Panchayats

SIDART has been conducting seminars at the village/Panchayat level and even at the state level for theelected and to be electedwomenin a strategic manner,tofacilitate empowerment and reinforce Panchayat Raj in Rajasthan. In order to make the strengthening programs most effective we go beyond knowledge sharing, and focus on practical training, learning visits, audits and exposure visits. The last exposure visit to Aparajita Centre, one stop crisis management for women, to police station, MSSK (Mahila Salah & Suraksha Kendra) in Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur, Ziller Parighad and district collectors. Nice was held on February 19thand 25th, 2015. The women were provided with pamphlets of list of IPCs crimes against women and the practical procedure to follow in cases of violation of their rights and crimes against them. For more informations read our blog:ngosidart.blogspot.com/

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