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Health Care and Nutrition Counselling at Teela No. 3, Jahawar Nagar Slums

The team of SIDART visited the Mamta Baal Niketan situated in the slum area of Teela No. 3, Jawahar Nagar slums, Jaipur.The purpose of the visit was to provide Health Care and Nutrition counseling to the students from classes 2nd to 8th. The counselling was provided under the mentorship of Dr Pramilla Sanjaya. Many pre-requisites were done before providing the counselling to the students like their names, weights, heights to name a few. The students were provided important information about the importance of various fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products. The co-operation of the administration department, the proper counselling provided by the SIDART volunteers along with the enthusiasm of the students made the visit a memorable as well as an informative one for all.

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