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Learning visit of the Rural Women to National Parliament, New Delhi

SIDART has been working in the field of women empowerment, sanitation, early childhood care and development, home based care and community based monitoring, vocational training for adolescents(boys and girls) and women, nutrition and infant breast feeding, development of health seeking behaviour for truckers, HIV/ AIDS Prevention by treatment of STI and STD cases, preservation of traditional art and culture and it’s usage for awareness generation on HIV / AIDS, Malnutrition and strengthening of Panchayat Raj System.

The organization aims to provide the participantsa better picture of federalism in the country by conducting exposure visits to the National Parliament at New Delhi and Panchayats of other states.

The aims of such visits would be:

  • To understand the working of the Parliament house at the national level
  • To obtain an opportunity to meet one or two representatives of the Lok Sabha, public health officials, rural development officers, social justice officers, municipal corporation officers etc.
  • To have a grasp on the election procedures for appointment at various levels of the federal government
  • To know about the department’s or the government’s expectations from the common man
  • To gain knowledge about the implementation of government schemes with respect to different states
  • To gain an insight into the implications of the devolution of funds, functions and functionaries to local governments
  • To witness and learn from the functioning of Panchayat in a different state, such as Andhra Pradesh, where the Panchayat generates its own income, makes unanimous decisions and involves active participation from the government officials for reporting and audits. These factors are yet to be a reality in all the Panchayats of Rajasthan.
  • To comprehend the working of women empowerment programmes, Panchayat training methodologies and impact assessments for the developmental interventions in different states
  • To learn from the thematic issues of the other states; such as gender, social inclusion, environment and human rights.

The three pillars of the Indian government are Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Powers. With the above aims, SIDART plansto provide an opportunity for the Panchayats in Rajasthan to meet the officials at all the three levels of the country. However, these visits are expected to involve equivalent participation from both men and women of the semi rural areas, slums and municipal areas of Rajasthan, so that a wider population, back in Rajasthan, learn from the experiences of the participants.

Such exposure visits are predicted to bring about a change in the people’s perspective on governance in India by enhancing their horizon of thinking and providing a better vision to observe issues in totality. Participants would be empowered to relate the matters of the federal level with the rural area of the state they come from. The people would utilize the devolved powers by understanding the multiple points of access in governance and eventually increase public participation in the decentralized government. Since the participants would include Panchayat heads, these visits would also help in improving the accountability and responsiveness of these elected officials to the local residents.

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