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Learning visit to the Rajasthan State Commission for Women and Mahila Salah & Suraksha Kendra

Today, May 2nd 2014, SIDART organized a Learning visit to the Rajasthan State Commission for Women and the MSSK (Mahila Salah & Suraksha Kendra) in Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur, for a group of 30 women coming from the Panchayats of Awaniya and Bhamoria, along with some of our Village Volunteers coming from Thikarya and Rampura Unti.
The visit at the State Commission for Women took place in the conference hall, where the women were welcomed by the Chairperson Dr. Lad Kumari Jain and the Deputy Secretary Mrs. Seema Kumar. Dr. Pramila Sanjaya coordinated the meeting and volunteer Elisa and trainee Emilie were also present from SIDART staff.
First of all, every woman was invited by the Chiarperson to introduce herself. Then, the meeting beginned with the Deputy Secretary presenting the functions and the structure of the State Commission. Afterwards, the Chairperson took the word and talked about the main women issues in India. She spoke to the women in a very kind manner and with her passion managed to make them participate actively to the visit and to build trust in her. Our women and volunteers listened to the Chairperson with a lot of interest and shared with her their doubts, questions and observations regarding issues related to women. The topics covered by the Chairperson were many, from the procedure to follow to get a relief in case of domestic violence under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, to the name of the centers in which women can get counseling services or any kind of help. At the end, every woman was provided with a pamphlet with a list of the most important acts related to women and the practical procedure to follow in case of violation of one of these laws. The women also received a card with the address and phone number of the State Commission, and some posters with the Commission’s helpline number to be hanged in their Panchayats.
The Learning visit continued to the MSSK in Gandhi Nagar. Here the women could know about the centre from the counselor Mrs. Healath Sharma and a young girl in service at the centre. The counselor communicated to the women with spirit and informed them about the functions of the centre. Then, she listed some issues related to women nowadays, with a particular focus on cyber crimes. The women took notes and asked her some questions. They definitely got acquainted with a lot of interesting topics today.

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