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Report – Launch Workshop of Project Jal Setu (Empowering Women Elected Representatives for Water Governance and Climate Change)

Venue: CEE office, Ahmadabad.

Participants – Representatives from HSS, SIDART, IIEC, CSR and CEE.

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is a partner with HSS for Gujarat. In 2015 CEE had started the work on Empowering Women Elected Representatives for Water Governance and Climate Change in joint collaboration with HSS.

The project launch workshop was held on 16th June, 2016. CEE invited SIDART and other organizations who are working with HSS on climate change subject, to Share the experiences of Climate Project Phases (2012-15) in the Indian state of Rajasthan. In joint collaboration with HSS, SIDART had organized a learning visit to Barmer to learn and share the experiences and efforts on the issues of water and climate in October 2012. A national seminar was also organized in November 2012. SIDART was actively involved in the ToTs held during 2012-2015, as local partner, to provide the support and facilitation.

SIDART, IIEC and CSR shared their experiences on the climate change project held in Rajasthan.

The program in Rajasthan was started with the baseline survey to find out the need and present status. The three days training programs were held for brainstorming on water with gender concern and the role of women. Program was focussed on EWRs. In last year, the residential training program was held to give the training to the EWRs.

Dr. Pramila Sanjaya shared the experience of working with HSF. Information about seminars and learning visit held in last nine years. She gave key suggestions to CEE for the implementation of a successful project.

Open session held and suggestions were given by the participants to strengthen the project.

A video about CEE and its work was showed.

Voted of thanks.

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