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Seminar on Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition, Sambhariya, Rajasthan

On the 25th of September, 2018, The SIDART team conducted a seminar on Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition in the Sambhariya village panchayat of Rajasthan.
An intense discussion pursued with conversation flowing both ways between the Village Volunteers and Panchayat Mitras as well as our SIDART consultant Dr. Pramila Sanjaya, Sarpanch Naresh Chawla, our experts on the topic, Mrs. Reema Gupta and Mr. Vishnu Halduniya
The volunteers were encouraged to be proactive with their approach towards issues such as water conservation and waste management. The SIDART team even made them write letters stating their problems as well as their solutions to how they’ll collectively address such situations.
On the 30th of September, 2018, SIDART is conducting a Village Volunteer Training Program to educate, train and empower individuals to work as a team for the development of their panchayat.

-Audita Bhattacharya

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