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Apollo Tyres Health Care Centre

The SIDART Apollo Tyres Health Care Centre in the Industrial Area of Jaipur was established in 2007 and it cooperates with SIDART and the Rajasthan Health Department.
The Apollo Clinic works with truck drivers and their peers, such as their helpers or cleaners. As it is located at the driveway to the highway between Delhi and Mumbai it reaches out to many drivers and allied people. Given that most truck drivers spent most of their time away from home and their wives it is not surprising that many of them feel lonely very often and make use of sexual services. As most of them have not received sex education (like the importance of protection), the number of HIV positive drivers is above-average. Many of them also suffer from other sexual diseases or have different health issues. On the other hand, their income doesn't allow for them to recieve medical treatment in decent hospitals as that is unaffordable for them. The Apollo Foundation runs several clinics all over India. Thus the drivers can have access to medication, treatment and doctor's advice. They have to register once and pay 15 Rupees. With this amount the cost for all clinics in India is covered for a month. Besides the treatment of infected drivers, the clinic also works on the prevention of HIV infections.

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