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Blood Donation Camps

Maternal death ratios are very high in the state of Rajasthan, especially in the Dholpur district. One of the causes of the high death ratios is the lack of donor blood at hospitals and health institutions.
Generating awareness:SIDART has been entrusted with the responsibility to generate awareness amongst the community and facilitate the blood availability for the pregnant women in emergency situations.
Blood donation Camps: In order to reduce the number of maternal deaths, blood donation camps were organized at Dholpur and Badi to increase the availability of blood at the health facilities at the District Hospital. The blood collected through SIDART camps was to be exclusively used for pregnant women to avert deaths due to blood loss as a result of complications of pregnancy.
Standard operational guidelines and voluntary blood donation: SIDART also helped implement standard operational guidelines, promote voluntary blood donation and the create of a pool of voluntary donors. For the effective use of blood, coordination between bloodbank Dholpur and Blood Storage Center BADI had to be arranged.

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