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Better Life Options and Opportunities Module: Since 2003, SIDART has been an active member of the BLOOM network. BLOOM was established in 1999 works towards building capacity and providing technical assistance to organizations working with or interested in working with adolescents.
Adolescence is a crucial age, however young people are very often neglected in higher or lower strata of society. Issues like psychosocial problems and issues faced as their psychical appearance and hormones change remain un-addressed and unexplained. BLOOM wants to create an adolescent network to help adolescents shape their own lives, create their own options and develop adolescent leadership and participation.
Action: By means of carrying out activities such as trainings, games, plays films and songs, SIDART and other partners of the BLOOM network strive for more awareness regarding adolescent boys and girls. These activities focus on sanitation, education, hygiene, RTI, STI, physical challenges and related information.

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