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Installation of Hand pumps within the Phagi Block

With the help of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, SIDART had managed to install twenty hand pumps in the rural area of the Phagi Block. The villagers of the Phagi block are suffering with scarcity of resources, especially water. Before the installation of the hand pumps, the village women, whether young or old, needed to walk two to four kilometers in order to fetch water from the nearest pond or well. The water table within the Phagi Block is very low and the fluoride content in the water is very high which leads to various psychical illnesses.
SIDART has identified the sites where the new hand pumps were placed with the help of the villagers and experienced people in order to ensure success in digging the bore well and to ensure access to safe less fluoridated water for the villagers. The villagers are handed over the responsibility to look after the hand pumps in order to ensure that the pump does not get miss utilized, damaged, no water clogging takes place, and also to ensure the after care. The villagers are given training on repairing minor faults in the hand pump assembly.
By means of the installation of the hand pumps, a solution is found for the fetching water from long distances and for the escape from the village to urban areas due to the water shortage. Thereby, awareness created towards hygienic practices towards protection and judicious use of community owned resources, and towards the importance of water and saving it.

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