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SIDART & Apollo Tyre health Care Centre

To address the prevention aspect about the increasing number of reported cases of HIV amongst truck drivers. Inculcate health seeking behavior amongst the truckers, cleaners, mechanics, helpers and allied population, through treatment of STI/ STDs , counseling, outreach sessions, BCC activities etc.
In , 70% of goods are transported by road by truck drivers, involving a significant part of society. However due to the highly unorganized and nomadic lifestyle of these truck drivers, they are increasingly vulnerable to STI's and HIV. The truckers are away from their houses for a longer period of time which can be the cause of their unfaithful behavior. Furthermore, the high prevalence of STI's among truck drivers increases their vulnerability to HIV.
In 2007, SIDART, RSACS and Apollo tyres joined partnership to set up an Apollo Health Care Centre for generating awareness and education on prevention and treatment of STI, STD, HIV and AIDS infections amongst truck drivers and allied population in Vishwa Karma Industrial Area (VKI Area).
After paying a registration fee of Rs. 15, the target group receives drugs free of cost and can avail the same facility at any ATHCC through out the country for a set period of a month. The center is functional on six week days from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and the identity of patient visiting the clinic is kept anonymous.
As a result of the efforts of SIDART to promote the health center, the number of STI patients that are coming to the center is increasing.
People can be motivated to prevent HIV by means of advocacy at mass level. Thus SIDART has organized folk media and art performances at 4 locations in the VKI area near SIDART Apollo Tyres Health Care Center.

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