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SIDART & Art Action

SIDART has, in cooperation with Art Action Singapora, established a project which aims at creating awareness and providing information about HIV and Aids by means of traditional folk arts.
During the last fifteen years, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in has progressed from a negligible number of HIV infections in year 1986 to 3.86 millions in year 2000. Effective communication and providing information about prevention and the cure is important to bring about any behavior change among the people. It is proven that consistent messages from a variety of legitimate sources, disseminated in an interactive manner, will in all probability affect the behavior of people. Within this project, people from the slums are trained in performing several folk art performances which include messages about the prevention and cure of HIV and AIDS. The people from the slums are given a better livelihood since they have an income and thereby, the people within Jaipur will better listen to them since they feel more connected to these people.
By means of a training period of two months, the people were trained to perform the traditional folk art such as puppet shows, Bhoppa shows, street plays / nukkar natak, kacchi ghodi, singing, dancing, acting etc.

Two hundred shows of various art forms were performed from December 2008 to July 2009 in various locations in Jaipur in order to create awareness and provide information to the community on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

The feedback of the audience as well as of the artists was very impressive. That is why we decided to continue with the awareness programs using traditional form of art also in the future. Next one which has already started focuses on malnutrition.

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