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Training and Meetings

SIDART recognizes the importance of spreading and sharing knowledge and skills. Therefore, our employees attend and organize a lot of trainings and meetings. By means of these training and meetings, SIDART can realize the rights of people and empower the marginalized and poor, but also increase their own knowledge and skills.
In this part you will find information regarding some of the training and meetings organized; attempts made to share experiences by SIDART.
During the last ten years, SIDART organized a lot of training and vocational courses covering following fields; enhancement of immunization coverage, Self Help Groups, Early Childhood Care, nursing attendant and women empowerment. By means of these trainings the employees of SIDART can spread their knowledge and understanding amongst other people in this area, as well as lead a sustainable livelihood. Below, you will find descriptions of a few of our trainings.
SIDART, with Unicef support, has developed a training program in the general nursing and tailoring for girls between 16 to 25 years at the Alwar district (2002-2003). The program was very beneficial for their socio-economic status as these areas are potentially rich in employment. Both training are given to thirty girls each and took six month's. By means of this training, the girls were more able to find work and were more empowered.
SIDART has run a 4-months course for girls and women of economically weaker section to develop them as home managers. This course included training in geriatric care, home keeping, cookery, home nursing, etc. After the course, the women were getting jobs at nursing homes, old age homes, in house holds etc. 20 to 30 trainees were provided with the training, and got periodical exams and tests to maintain and ensure the quality of the training. SIDART liaised with organizations to facilitate the search for optimally viable and respectable jobs for the graduated trainees.
SIDART organized a vocational training to generate income for women and adolescent girls from economically weaker sections of the society. The object was to provide these women with a basic computer training to improve their job qualifications and give them a basis for income generation. The focus of the project includes both participants from the urban slum areas of Jaipur and nearby rural areas. The project envisaged the training of 30 women within a period of 6 months. The training gives the women a certain financial independence in household matters and strengthens their position as decision makers in the family.
With support of RUIDP, SIDART organized training in becoming a slum health worker for 30 girls of weaker sections of the society. The training included topics like general nursing care, usage and side effects of common medicine, sanitation, immunization, first aid, and safe motherhood and care of new born. Next to training in health, sanitation and general nursing, the trainees received information regarding personal hygiene, environmental sanitation and self-help groups. Furthermore, a practical training in hospitals or nursing homes was organized. The training enabled the girls to take care of the health and sanitation in the community. The girls were highly optimistic to work as slum health workers.
Meetings By means of organizing and attending meetings among different organizations, SIDART can learn form the experiences of other people and organizations.
SIDART organized meetings for students from other countries to learn from each other on topics like social work, social development and civil services. Our organization also organized meetings related to making project proposals, Early Childhood Care, the importance of getting enough vitamins, the empowerment of women of western states at Jaipur etc. Also, SIDART organizes meetings with representatives of collaborating organizations.
SIDART is attending meetings related to informational sessions on innovations in STI treatment, sanitation, hygiene, immunization coverage, Self help Groups and Early Childhood Care etc. Other meetings involve capacity building for the staff of SIDART. By means of these meeting the employees of SIDART can spread the acquired knowledge and understanding in these fields among other people.

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