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Women and Law

In order to strengthen women's position in society and safeguard their rights, SIDART is developing a new project about women and law, since February 2014 . We think that to build a harmonious society, it is essential for every memeber of the society to respect it's rules along with each other's rights. In order to guarantee this respect, people in the community have to be aware of the laws in force, so they can understand their duties and what is prohibited and permitted by the Indian law. In this way a safe environment can be built. Moreover, women must be conscious of their rights as well. As most of the women who live in villages and urban slums are not familiar with their rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution and acts, we think that it is very important to spread awareness on this topic by organizing seminars and learning visits for them. We are already working with a group of women who are volunteering in their villages in the District of Jaipur and who would really benefit from such knowledge. We would also like to address this project of law education by targeting girls and boys studying in schools and colleges of Jaipur.

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