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Women Empowerment

SIDART has been conducting several seminars and trainings for women in cooperation with Hanns Seidel Foundation. They learn how to be an active part in the Panchayat, a kind of local self-government institution common in India. Many of the village women are just poorly educated, so by giving them vocational training, they gain more confidence and learn how to speak in front of many people. There are also special trainings for sarpanchs (the elected heads of the Panchayat) and other members of the Panchayat, which prepare the participants for their work so that the Panchayat can operate most effectively.
The women can also work as village volunteers and act as contact persons for any problem the villagers may face. This not only helps the women to speak up but also improves the environment of the village community. Important issues like water resources, education or administrative and organisational topics. It makes a big difference for the women if they get a say in this and if they can apply their knowledge and skills learnt during the seminars.

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