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Volunteership @ SIDART

Abhikrishn Mishra

My Name is Abhikrishn Mishra and I am a student of Computer and Communication Engineering at Manipal University, Jaipur. I am currently residing in Jaipur,Rajasthan. During my school days I was an active participant in many events which included public speaking, debates and interactions with different people. I also got the opportunity to talk to students studying in village schools. I realized that there is a lot that we can give to them and we need to interact with them more often, which is why I want to affiliate myself with an organization like SIDART. We can act as a beacon to introduce the world to young, talented, innovative kids who someday might change the world. SIDART works for child welfare, women empowerment and traffic safety, the most talked about issues in our country.

It creates opportunities to discuss the problems and issues faced by people in rural areas. As responsible individuals of society we must educate others regarding issues of sanitation, nutrition, women’s rights and child safety.
SIDART aims to bridge the gap between urban India and rural India which is what motivates me to give my best and be a helping hand in developing our country.

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