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Volunteership @ SIDART

Audita Bhattacharya

The SIDART team is growing by the day and the newest and brightest addition to our family is Ms. Audita!
Ms. Audita Bhattacharya is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Mass Communication from the Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication, Pune.
When she was 14, she put two things down on her list for the school careers interview: journalist and social worker. From TV and films, it looked like journalism involved a lot of running about, and all the people she knew who were into these fields were very extroverted and confident, and she fit right in. Thriving with and among people, social work also came naturally to her.
She has worked at different NGOs like Karuna which works for individuals with Down syndrome and Prayas which works for children and adults with mental disabilities. However, she says that this is her first time working as an intern in an NGO that works so intrinsically with the grass root communities.
A daily practitioner of gratitude, and and extremely opinionated young woman, she’s a talented writer and a soon to be journalist.
Understanding privilege and utilizing that privilege to work towards the betterment of society is not an opportunity that comes everyday. The opportunity that SIDART has given me provides me with a platform to grow and garner a better understanding of myself, the society i live in, and of life.
We are so looking forward to her time with SIDART!

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