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Volunteership @ SIDART

Kanta Sharma

I joined SIDART when I heard about the organization from other women. Another aspect that attracted me was the fact that the meetings and the participants were being captured through camera and video cam. Moreover, the family was supportive of my involvement with SIDART as they believed my participation in the meetings would help in killing my boredom at the house. However, after joining the organization as SIDART Village Volunteer, I developed a different perspective and realized the need for utilizing the information gained from the trainings for progress of my own, fellow women as well as the village. After attending SIDART trainings, women have started coming to the Panchayat meetings. We all have learnt so much regarding; the approach we need to have while tackling an issue at the Panchayat level, sanitation and hygiene needs, education opportunities and employment schemes. Now it would be very difficult to find an unemployed woman in my village. Moreover, the additional sources of possible income from the government schemes are being received on a regular basis. As a SIDART Village Volunteer, I would encourage women to be independent, especially when it comes to resolving developmental issues.

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