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Volunteership @ SIDART

Kavita Gothwal

The women in my village never went to the Panchayat meetings. First time I came to know about the panchayats and it’s working, was when we went for a SIDART seminar to the panchayat. The developmental issues such as sanitation in the village were never discussed by the women. But now, when women see me going to these meetings, they express their interest of joining me as they think we are also capable.

Before such meetings the women hardly came together.But now they do come together in seminars and Panchayat sessions on the 20th and 5th of every month.

Girls are now sent to distant schools by their parents. Women and the girls can walk out alone by themselves.I also go as a village volunteer to Jaipur and other places with the SIDART team.

However, the concerns of AWC still remains. Neither are the nutritional requirements fulfilled, nor are the children getting their education. All the other benefits of AWC were also not reaching us. Thus, the efforts of SIDART delve into these issues as well.

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