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Volunteership @ SIDART

Meenakshi Jangid

Before joining SIDART in 2012, I was very scared to go out of the house and walk on the roads. I feared something would happen to me. But after SIDART, I have become the most confident I have ever been. I don’t think twice before walking out of the house and furthermore, I can travel to different cities without any fear. As far as the village is concerned, before SIDART came into the picture, the women didn’t know a thing about sanitation. Frequent practices of throwing dump in the open, waste water on the roads, and poor waste management were observed. But the efforts of SIDART have made a major difference. Women are now more careful with the use of water. Apart from learning the importance for managing water, the women are more aware about the sanitation and hygiene needs of the village. I want to finish my degree and eventually work in the laboratory. I enjoy this kind of work that I am doing now.

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