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Pawan Kumar Tank

Pawan Kumar Tank is a 38 year old man with three dependents. He has two offspring; the elder one is in elementary school and reads in fourth standard while the younger attends the lower kinder garden. Pawan Kumar Tank resides in Genji village which is 15 kms from Dungapur. He has completed his graduation in rural development and has a diploma in computer science. He is a kind hearted and an empathetic person who commiserates with the individuals difficulties. He was affiliated with SIDART since the month of July 2018 as a block coordinator and field worker. As a field worker his work is to visit the Anganwadis of various Grampanchayat which are assigned to him to collect the data of the registered pregnant, lactating woman as well as children in the age group of 0-3. This is followed by home visits. Protocols followed during the house visits are :-

– Introduction of themselves and SIDART to the person.

– Observe the wellbeing and cleanliness of the pregnant, lactation mother and the infant. Their individual Mamta cards are checked in which their weight, haemoglobin and points of interest of inoculation are confirmed.

– Nutritional abstain from food admission is asked in which the material of the sustenance, cleanliness and prosperity of the child is observed.

– Inquiry and instruction about the significance of immunization is done.

– Family individuals are inculcated towards taking care of the mother and the infant.

During the home visits, weighing of the mothers, children and pregnant woman is done. The weight is seen according to the age for the children and for the mothers and pregnant women an increase of 10-12 kgs during the entire pregnancy period. Dietary records are made and homemade local produce food recipes are shared. Education and motivation is done of the care givers and individuals of the house along with various exercises to make them understand its importance for a healthy and illness free life for the mother and child.

Few years back Pawan Kumar came across a 13 year old, Shikha who was getting water amid overwhelming rain for her needs which made him stop and converse with her about her circumstance. After talking to her, he got to know that she has two younger sisters and stayed with her maternal grandparents and helped them with their daily needs. She always wanted to attend school but couldn’t as she was the only one to accommodate for her family. Along these lines, he chose to encourage her. He addressed her parents and guardians and persuaded them to give her a chance to have the education she needed and merited. He got her enrolled in 6th standard and now the young lady is in eleventh standard perusing what she always wanted to.

After working in Anganwadi I saw the unfriendly battle and troubles individuals need to get by. SIDART has helped me realise that the harder you work for a cause, the greater you’ll feel after you achieve it and the feeling of happiness I feel after receiving gratitude and respect from the individuals I’ve helped is unmatchable.

Date of the case history : 17th September 2018

Prepared by : Eshita Beniwal

Reviewed by : Dr. Pramila Sanjaya

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