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Volunteership @ SIDART

Rajwanti Verma

I joined SIDART after hearing a lot about the organization from other women in the neighbourhood. I started attending meetings and realized that the organization is providing women with all the important information in a way which is very easy to comprehend. Since I don’t come from a family who needs permissions from the husband to go out of the house, I faced no problem in joining the organization as a SIDART Village Volunteer. I believed in the fact that I need to change or develop personally if I want the change or development in others. Additionally, I knew that attending such trainings would give me information that will always be useful for me and my fellow women. I want to continue being a SIDART Village Volunteer. Due to the persistent efforts of SIDART, my village is comparatively more developed, but I want to involve myself in the progress of other villages as well. There are no particular recommendations for SIDART but the efforts of the organization would be even more effective if the problem solving and follow up in the Panchayat meetings are regularized by the members of the Panchayat.

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