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Volunteership @ SIDART

Suraj Devi Jangid

Suraj Devi Jangid was a simple house wife without a mind of her own. She did what every other housewife of our society does best, stay quiet. Her decisions were made for her. At young age by her parents and later, her husband. She was a woman of no say or prospective.

In the year 2008, Suraj Devi got associated with SIDART and a metamorphic change in her life occurred. She was motivated and encouraged to attend the meeting conducted by SIDART in Jaipur for the village volunteers, Panchayat and at the Anganwadi centre of her village which introduced her to possibilities and opportunities she couldn’t fathom.She was emboldened, inspired and guided to work towards a better lifestyle.

Suraj Devi enrolled her daughter and son, Meenakshi and Vishal in the ICICI Academy of skills along with herself after being guided by SIDART. Following the training, her son started working with NBC Company and her daughter at a private school. They’re providing exceptionally well for themselves and their family. Later, she even introduced the Academy to her nephew along with many others around her.

Suraj Devi Jangid now works as a village volunteer Panchayat Mitra expert for SIDART. She introduces the woman of her village to windows of opportunities and persuades them to strive for a better life by sharing her own experiences with them. She said, Being associated with SIDART was a life defining decision for me.I’ve never felt more confident and independent and all the credit goes to SIDART. I would’ve been nothing without it.

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