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Volunteership @ SIDART

Suresh Kumar Chaudhary

Suresh Kumar Chaudhary is the Village Volunteer expert for SIDART of Sambharia Panchayat, Bassi block, Jaipur district, Rajasthan. He informs and encourages the villagers about the opportunities made available for their wellbeing and flourishment. He is associated with SIDART since August 2017 and SIDART is a vital part of his transformative life.

SIDART was introduced to Mr. Suresh Kumar by his Village Sarpanch Naresh Chawla. Being an active citizen of the Panchayat he was informed about SIDART. He started working along with the Panchayat to make it a Model Panchayat. The training seminars held by SIDART at various Anganwadis and Panchayats inclined him towards assisting SIDART to accomplish their objectives.

He said, SIDART didn’t just yield the village towards advancement but also helped me evolve as a confident person and reap knowledge in an area that I was not well informed about. He also stated that earlier he was a man of self-doubt and hesitance but now with the guidance and support of SIDART he stands out in the crowd and he couldn’t be more grateful. He is proud to introduce himself as SIDART Village Volunteer and Panchayat Mitra.

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